You Can Choose For Your Child to Thrive Through Your Divorce & Beyond, You Just Need to Know How...



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Illustration representing Mum-Guilt


Feeling guilty over the impact your divorce might have on your child and desperately wishing you knew exactly what you needed to do to make sure your children thrive during and after your divorce, but can’t help feeling mum-guilt, fear, self-doubt and that overwhelming feeling of never knowing whether you’re getting it right?

Illustration representing Mum-Anxiety


Anxiety about how your child feels and how to get them through this in the best way possible. The anxiety and uncertainty of how this will affect your children can sometimes feel overwhelming! And yet… despite all of your love, care and effort, you still feel like there is more you could be doing and you never quite feel like you’re doing a good enough job to get your kids through this.

Illustration representing Single Mum Overwhelm


Overwhelmed with trying to balance all of your own emotions around the divorce, navigate co-parenting, deal with your children's upsets and even sometimes them acting out as a result of everything that is going on, leaves you feeling: overwhelmed, alone, anxious and beating yourself up for not being able to do all of these hugely stressful things perfectly and by yourself. Ughhhhhh!

Illustration representing single mum desperation


Desperately wanting the best for your child, whilst wondering if it’s even possible for them to come out of this unaffected and you feel like you have to resign yourself to the fact that, despite your tireless efforts, this is the way it is going to be and it is too big and out of your control, so your children will suffer even though you don’t want that to happen. Sometimes it feels like trying our best isn’t enough because we don’t know what we are doing, no one prepared us for this or gave us any training, and now we are in the deep end, on our own, and our children's well-being depends on us getting it right. The pressure feels relentless.

There is hope!

Our Therapist led Membership Programme is here to help ...

In the membership what your child needs to thrive will become

Visible, Tangible and Doable!

1. Visible
Understand exactly what your individual children need to thrive during and after your divorce - based on each child's unique personality and brain wiring, through our therapist backed personality test which will give you a bespoke guide on what each of your children need. No two children are the same! 
2. Tangible
Practical tools, based on an in-depth knowledge of psychology, enabling you to give your child everything they need to thrive, in a way that feels authentic to you and relevant to your unique child. 
3. Doable
These aren't short-term fixes that will eventually slip away, they are deep, mindset changes that happen for you, as a mum, and as a result for your children; rewire your child's brain for positivity, resilience, life long connection and a feeling that they are deeply and truly loved. 


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What's Included in The Full Membership Package?


1. Access to our exclusive, therapist-led personality test, which will give you game-changing insights in to what your children need to thrive during your divorce - this isn’t generic guidance, it is guidance based on the core of what makes your child a unique individual.

2. Full therapist-written guide, unique to your child, based on their personality test result, showing you how to support them as an individual through divorce: based on your child's unique brain wiring and personality. 

3. Monthly group live coaching call with Hannah, Therapist & Founder of My Thriving Child -Get the help and support you need along the way, guided by a therapist and mum who has been in your shoes.

4. A new online workshop every month, giving you the therapist led guidance you need to get it right for your child during your divorce and beyond.

5. Feel a part of a supportive community of like-minded separated mums who are all dedicated to getting it right for their children.

6. Therapist written resources and print outs for you and your children, to help guide you in talking about and processing difficult feelings. 

7. Learn strategies that will help you go from feeling alone, overwhelmed, frustrated, worried, about your children’s well-being to empowered, calm, connected, and in control, living happily with intention and purpose.

8. Fresh content every month. These include things like resources, workshops, expert guest speakers and group Zoom chats, and live Q&A sessions where you can get all your questions answered by Hannah (Therapist & Founder)

These 8 things will transform your child's experience of your divorce


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This could be your reality 👇


Illustration representing Mum-Guilt

Empowered to Support Your Child

Seeing your child healthily process your divorce, understanding their feelings and continuing life with happiness.

Illustration representing Mum-Anxiety

Your Child Thriving

Seeing your child thrive in themselves, their life and their relationship with you.

Illustration representing Single Mum Overwhelm

Growing into an Empowered Grown-Up

Your child being happy and confident in themselves, growing up to have happy and thriving relationships of their own.

Illustration representing single mum desperation

You Thriving

Peace in the knowledge that you are doing all you can for your child - with the support of an expert - you can step into this new chapter of your life, setting yourself up to thrive.

I Am Ready to Help My Child Thrive


Our Therapist led Membership-Programme Exists to Empower Separated Mums to Have Children Who Thrive!


Meet Hannah, Therapist & Founder 👇


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