Empowered Single Motherhood: Coaching to Help Your Child Thrive Through Divorce


Hi, I’m Hannah,

I’m a therapist, coach and separated mother of two, who’s been in your shoes. Most single parents begin single parenthood without the tools and resources to understand how to support their children to not just survive divorce but thrive during and after it. This is why I’ve made it my goal to help single parents overcome the anxiety and overwhelm of divorce and life as a single parent, ensuring your children thrive…and so do you!

I’m so excited to offer you the opportunity to work with me and become the empowered single mother I know you can be. Check out how we can work together below. You’ve got this!

7-Step Programme

All too often we become single parents without the support and guidance to make single parenthood work for us and our children. Using proven psychology, sound scientific research and my own personal experiences, I’ve developed a 7-step programme to help amazing single parents become empowered and thrive!

By joining the 7-step programme you’ll learn how to:

  • How to speak to your child about your divorce
  • Emotionally process your divorce
  • Support your children through their emotions
  • Navigate co-parenting and setting boundaries
  • And so much more!
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1-to-1 Therapy & Coaching

I offer 1-to-1 support to guide you in supporting your children and getting yourself through your divorce and separation. Book an appointment to speak with me, Hannah Strong, a trained therapist, coach and leading expert in what children need to thrive during and after divorce.


Membership Programme

As part of my aim to help amazing single mothers, like you, raise children who are thriving beyond divorce, I’m offering you the opportunity to join the My Thriving Child membership programme. Join a growing community of incredible single mothers who care so much and want to invest in their children’s future. Divorce is something none of us ever plan for, but with my membership programme, supported by like-minded single moms, you can begin building a future where you and your children thrive. You’ve got this, and your children have too!

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