Coping with separation from your child when co-parenting

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Episode 6: 

The quietness of a home without your children can be one of the most emotionally challenging experiences for a separated mom. Join me, Hannah—a therapist, coach, and separated mom—in this deeply personal and insightful episode of the "My Thriving Child Podcast." I share my own heartfelt experiences and proven strategies for coping with the absence of my children when they are with their other parent.

This episode serves as a compassionate guide for all moms navigating the profound emptiness and sense of loss that can accompany the times when our children are away. Together, we explore the journey of finding inner strength, embracing our emotions, and intentionally building a fulfilling life, even in the silence of their absence. Tune in to discover practical steps and empowering perspectives on navigating this aspect of co-parenting with resilience, grace, and self-compassion.

What You Will Learn:

  • Embracing the Grief: Acknowledge and process the grief of not having your children with you all the time, understanding that it's a natural part of adapting to your new reality.
  • Constructive Alone Time: Discover ways to use the time without your children constructively, focusing on personal growth, self-care, and interests outside of motherhood.

Join me as we delve into:

  • An honest reflection on the moments that highlight the absence of our children and how those moments can trigger deep feelings of loss and loneliness.
  • The importance of allowing yourself to grieve the loss of having your children with you 100% of the time and how therapy can aid in this process.
  • Practical advice on transforming the time without your children into opportunities for personal development, and how to start envisioning and building a life that includes fulfilling activities and goals beyond your role as a mum.

Here's a Snapshot of What We Covered:

  • [00:01:00] Introduction to the emotional challenges of facing your children's empty bedrooms and the impact of their absence on your sense of self.
  • [00:02:00] Personal anecdotes that illuminate the stark contrast between nights with and without children, and the journey of accepting this new aspect of motherhood.
  • [00:03:00] A discussion on the coping mechanisms we might turn to in order to avoid our feelings, and the importance of confronting and processing these emotions for our well-being.
  • [00:04:00] Strategies for moving beyond mere survival during your children's absence, including the value of therapy and embracing interests outside of parenting.
  • [00:05:00] Encouragement for separated mums to be patient and kind to themselves as they navigate the complex emotions of co-parenting and to start reimagining their lives with intention and purpose.

This episode is a gentle reminder that it's okay to feel the weight of your children's absence and that through acknowledging and working through these feelings, you can find new paths to joy and fulfilment.

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