Helping Parents & Their Children to Thrive Through Divorce & Beyond

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Divorce Counselling for Parents & Children

Hannah is a leading therapist, working with parents and children through divorce and beyond.  She supports adults, parents and children on an individual basis, through 1:1 therapy over zoom. Helping her clients to not just survive divorce, but thrive through it.

How Do I Work With Parents?

I work with parents 1:1 through weekly sessions over zoom. In these sessions I offer the therapeutic support you need to process and emotionally rebuild following your divorce, whilst supporting your children to do the same.


All parents that work with me also get access to a wealth of exclusive online materials, including masterclasses and resources, that guide you on how to support your children through your divorce in the best way possible. These resources give clarity on some of the trickiest subjects for parents, such as, how to speak to your children about divorce, how to support your child through their grief and processing of your divorce, and how to help your child transition happily between homes, as well as much more.

How Do I Work With Children?

I work with children aged 11+ through weekly sessions over zoom. In these sessions I provide the safe therapeutic space often needed for children to emotionally process their parents divorce and anything else going on in their life.

As a therapist who has supported many children through divorce, including my own 2 children, a child’s divorce journey is deeply personal for me, and something I am passionate about them having the support and tools to thrive through.

 How do sessions work?

Where? - All sessions take place over zoom, meaning I can work with you wherever you are located.

How many sessions? - I work with clients on a weekly basis. You are required to book a recurring slot that will take place at the same time each week. A minimum of 4 slots need to be booked in order to work with me.

How much are sessions? - Sessions are charged at £450 per session. 

I offer a discounted rate of £100 per session for people who are financially struggling through their divorce but these spaces are limited and rarely become available. Please enquire for more.

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